Fabulous Moolah vs AJ Lee

Tribute to Jim Hellwig aka The Ultimate Warrior (1959-2014)

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Tribute to the Ultimate Warrior RIP Jim Hellwig There is a hilarious interview segment in WWE’s 2005 DVD The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior that has Chris Jericho, Edge (who as a teenager attended Wrestlemania 6 and thus got to see The Ultimate Warrior wrestle Hulk Hogan), and Christian. ...Read the rest of this entry »

Women’s and Diva’s Title History – From Ass Kickers to Eye Candy

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WWE Diva's Title History The reason for any individual to be involved in the world of professional wrestling is to grab the brass ring, win the big one, become champion. To hold the championship means you are the best in the world at what you do, you are to be taken seriously, ...Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Bryan – Buried or Not, Here He Comes!

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Summerslam 2013 Full PPV Download “Seriously? A yes chant’s more popular than I am?”Several weeks back, the WWE held a tele-conference for it’s shareholders where Vince McMahon expressed disappointment in the 296,000 pay-per-view buyrate for Summerslam compared ...Read the rest of this entry »

Promoter Profile – George Kennedy

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George Kennedy Biography Wiki Promoter extraordinaire George Washington Kendall was born on December 29, 1881. As a young man he trained as both an ice hockey player and an amateur wrestler. It would be wrestling that stuck though, as he excelled in the amateur ranks of Montreal, ...Read the rest of this entry »


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chikarafeatured When you think of over the top gimmicks, great wrestling, and small crowds what comes to your mind? Admittedly, if WWF 1994 was your first guess, I won’t take points off your test. However, this is exactly what Independent Promotion CHIKARA is… ...Read the rest of this entry »

Hell in a Cell – A Thing of the Past?

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HIACfeatured This past Sunday I celebrated my sixth wedding anniversary. I lit a fire in the fire place, turned the lights low, and did what any living husband would do; I turned on WWE’s Pay Per View event Hell in a Cell. Thank God my wife is a wrestling fan! ...Read the rest of this entry »

Three Way Dance: The Most Underrated Match Ever?

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triplethreatfeatured Jerry Lynn vs Tajiri vs Super CrazyWatch the MatchThe Three Way Dance, or shall I say the “Triple Threat” is arguably one of the most underrated kind of matches that have come about in the 21st century of wrestling. We can easy say that there ...Read the rest of this entry »